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A Guide to Gender Inclusive Pronouns

Various shapes with various gender inclusive pronouns.

What are pronouns?

A person looking distressed holding a mug.

Sex and Gender

Why are gender inclusive pronouns important?

Comments from gender-nonconforming folks:

Drawing of a solar system

Examples of how companies embrace gender inclusive pronouns

Now, here are some helpful tips.

1. Don’t make assumptions.

2. If you don’t know, ask.

Drawing of two people meeting

3. Just do it, use the correct pronouns.

What if I mess up?

“Treat it as if you mispronounce someone’s name — it’s a little disrespectful, so be sure to be sensitive, but it’s ultimately no big deal.”

Three people reviewing design work on a wall. One person said, “El designed this. She, sorry, they did such a great job.”

4. Practice makes normal.

5. Be an ally.

6. Include pronouns.

A collection of different types of name tags with pronouns.
Name tag sticker with “Hello my name is:” and “Pronouns I use are:”, an employee badge with a headshot photo of El; four small pins with various gender pronouns, and a large pin that says, “Ask me about my pronouns.”

Bonus Materials

Diagram describing negative and positive greetings.
Two-column diagram. The first column says, “Do not use hey guys, hi gals, hello ladies, and gentlemen.” The second column says “Do use hey ya’ll, hi all, hello folks, hey friends, hi everyone, hello humans.”
Handwriting emphasizing “Just say thank you.” Do not add ma’am or sir at the end.
Handwriting that says “Thank you, ma’am. Thank you, sir.” Ma’am and sir are crossed out with a red line. “Just say thank you” is highlighted in green.

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